Our Production Capacity:

l      More than 5000 OEM products through 20years.
Products of NR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, SIL at any hardness.
l      Products Rubber bonded to Metal or other materials.
l      Machines adaptable to product's size from 400(W)*400mm to 1800mm(L).
Sourced from high qualified materials suppliers for manufacturation.
l      Available antivibration mountings”„ molds: All types with dimension (diameter or height) multiple of 5mm.

”·”@No matter what requirements for complex products or specific application; We adopt appropriated methods and procedures to ensure that your product is made right, and implement all your specific requirements.
”@For custom products; we send prototype to be approved by you before any mass production, assuring our production meets your exact requirments.


Product Info:


Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is an engineering thermoplastic with a molecular weight of greater than 3 million AMUs (atomic mass units). The high molecular weight enhances a number of important physical properties, not the least of which are outstanding abrasion resistance, high impact strength and a low coefficient of friction. In addition, the polymer has outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent sound dampening characteristics, superior dielectric and electrical insulating properties and it doesn't absorb moisture.

UHMW-PE is widely utilized in the industrial, chemical processing, mining, maritime, steel, water, bulk material handling and agriculture industries.
UHMW-PE properties can be enhanced through the use of additives such as colorants, UV and heat stabilizers, anti-static agents, wear-resistant fillers and friction-reducing lubricants.

The low coefficient of friction, non-porous surface of UHMW-PE makes it difficult for any adhesive to penetrate into the polymer and form a bond. However, RubberKing has overcome this restriction and achieved the bonding capacity >25kg/cm2.
RubberKing applies UHMW-PE material to antivibration industry, and highly improves the service life of abrasion products while maintaining the antivibration effect.

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