Do yourself a basic quality control

1) The rubber mixture should not contain evident air bubbles.
Cut in half the rubber product. If the product you cut appears internally any evident air bubble, this means that the productive process was not effected in the right times and with the appropriate conditions.
Therefore the particular does not answer to the minimal quality requisites.

2)The connection between the rubber and the other material must be tightly bound.
Using the pliers bend the rubber bonded product to opposite directions.
A bonded product manufactured with a quality attachment (adhesive) cannot be torn from parts bound.
( The standard bonding capacity is around 20Kg,/CM2 )
If not so, it means it is an article not good manufactured.

3) The metallic parts must be galvanized appropriately.
Put the metal parts to fresh air for a few days.
The evident oxidization will compromise, in the long run; the metallic part will represent a problem when you will disassemble in case of maintenance or substitution of the product.

4) The connection between metal parts must be well united.
Using a common hammer hit the point of the metal parts.
If the two metallic parts are split, you will meet the same problem also on the equipment on which it will be placed, compromising the lasting in time of this one.

Now after doing these simple tests, you will be able to attest if your product is or not a good quality one.

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