1 ) Standard OEM products (Anti-vibration buffers and pads).
2 ) Custom-made Rubber and metal products, industrial rubber molded products, anti-vibration products, impact products, wear-resistant products and etc.
Rubber bonded to metal or other materials and Rubber molded products for industrial machinery, construction industry, marine industry, agricultural equipments, machine tools, automotive, utility and commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, off-road equipment, railroad, engines and motors mounts, shock absorbers, electric and electronic equipments, compressors, pumps, centrifuges, air conditioning and refrigeration, fans & blowers, sport parts, and etc.
3 ) Other specific custom-made products.

Company Profile (.pdf)

:: Dedicate on OEM.
:: Confidential in OEM.
:: Reliable quality (Make lower cost, no cheap).

  :: Cost : Lower your costs efficiently.
:: Technical flexibility : Providing OEM service for industrial rubber products with high technical flexibility.
:: Capability : High technical capability with lower production costs.
:: Purchasing flexibility : Flexible quantity for custom production.
:: Quality : Guarantied as specifications.
:: Delivery : Flexible production time and scheduled delivery.
  Taiwanese-based company with manufacturing plant in China.
We mix our own rubber compound to meet exact requirements.
We import rubber from Taiwan, to be manufactured in China.
We use only superior material with reliable quality, and apply strict control in manufacturing processes and quality inspection.
We work with E-Commerce.
Our objective is to reduce your manufacturing costs without sacrificing any quality of your products and assist you in moving all or part of your company's production needs outsourcing, let you be more competitive to face global market.

From setting specifications to producing your part, quality is our most important focus. Every aspect of your product is tightly controlled by our proven quality systems. No matter what manufacturing requirements are required, with our inspection instruments and qualified staff in-house or third party inspector (SGS), we make certain that your product meets your exact design, specifications and requirements.

Exported to dozens of countries around the world, our superior production quality has earned us trust and praise from
customers in Europe and US market, and we will continue to strengthen our R&D and working efficiency for our customers.